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IT Services

We create IT-enabled business solutions for our clients by leveraging our domain and business expertise along with a wide variety of services.

AJ Square provides comprehensive IT solution's that caters the need of various customers with  a cutting edge technology .The list extends from Application development to CRM, SCM solutions and goes on.

Nowadays, computer systems are permeating almost all aspects of business life.Such situation produces a growing demand for services needed to create, administer, and maintain the software systems which are the core-differentiating components of these computers. Being an important backbone of organizations, professional and effectual approaches are essential to manage software systems. Furthermore increasing competition and economic globalization requires cost efficient solutions to manage software systems. Most organizations have already realized this challenge and respond to it either through business value chain optimization and automation, or through development of international projects as part of their IT and software operations.





"AJSquare has done wonders for me.They have turned idea into a working reality.They have the best services I've experienced anywhere.I've been using these guys for over 4 years they just keep on amazing me with outstanding work and customer service.If you have a problem or have a question it will be answered in less than 5 hours.I don't know how they do it but they do.These guys ROCK!!!!!."

George Kaskanlian JR

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