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AJ Article
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AJ Article- The Best PHP Based Software

Featured Articles
Those articles which are value added and most important can be projected in the Featured Articles. With this the end users can easily sort out the value added articles in their featured articles.
Opinion Poll
In order to have lively and interactive session, the availability of Opinion Poll greatly caters the needs of the end users. This feature is exhibited in the home page where more interesting topics are being discussed.
Editor Pick Articles
Among several articles one could find unique & cogent publication where editor takes in to account for selection of Editor Pick Articles. You can look for value added articles through many searches the member can look easily the Editor Pick Articles.
Article ratings
It is one of the key role in article web directories where only registered members can rate the articles. Rating of the article helps to analyze and up grade one's efficiency.
Posting Comments
This feature gives opportunities for the readers to express their feelings and suggestions. By accepting the real value added comments one can improve and upgrade apt things.
Article Widget/Social Bookmarks
Article Widget helps in sharing the article by posting in any of the site which will be published as article. The other vital feature is Social bookmarking where the member can utilize all important Social bookmarks.
Google Analytics & Google Visualization
It offers graphical member statistics where in it analyzes thoroughly about various statistics in detail perspective manner. It is added with application of using Google Visualization & Google Analytics
Reserved names block
There is every chance of selecting similar popular names of present world scenario. So in order to prevent this situation there is option called Reserved names block by which certain popular names can be blocked.
Pop Up Over Control Management
The content in the pop up generally describes about the article based and other related information which highly benefits the user to know and utilize the proper facilities of the product.
Expedient Viral Marketing
RSS feeds are so popular today that you can gain an amazing amount of traffic by simply submitting just one article in a directory. You publish one article to a directory and that same article can begin appearing on countless other websites.
In line Text Advertisement by Google Ad sense
Most individuals making a living and/or earning money via the Internet are familiar with Google Ad Sense. In line text can attract customer's researching or reading about a keyword relevant to your article.
The Title Meta Tag is the tag that search engines are relying heavily upon in order to determine what a specific website or web page is actually about.
    More Features
  • Built & tested for stability in PHP v5.2 & MySQL
  • Stunning Templates and Easy-to-Navigate Interface
  • Advanced Admin control panel & User-puller features
  • Easily Customizable to any extent, upon Request
  • Proven Traffic driver, increases your page rankings
Why AJ Article?

Your articles may be picked up by hundreds to thousands of highly-targeted content-hungry viewers all around the world who each have valuable email list members of their own. That means your article and expertise may be exposed to hundreds of thousands or potential users.

At AJ Article , we take your expertise, your quality original articles, and your membership with us very seriously. Our acumen and seasoned management team is backed with more than a dozen full-time team members committed to making you look good. Combine this with our obsession with delivering you a fast user experience that becomes more intuitive by the week and we know you'll be able to get a quality return on your time when you submit your cogent articles today.

AdSense Revenue System

Our products are designed to suit & support nearly every major AdSense revenue system, which sets the stage for easy profits on your website!

Context Help & Manuals

Customer's understanding of our product is a top priority for us, so we deliver our products with extremely helpful product manuals, which provide help in many forms including HTML and PDF documents as well as video tutorials.

Technical Support

Receive life-time technical support for our products through all means of communication.