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AJ Shopping Cart - The Best PHP Based Software

Cross Selling
The purpose of the Cross Selling tool is to encourage the buying experience by showing the related products of the product being viewed. This feature greatly hastens and improve the products sales. The user can opt for product id and check out the related products listed in the similar listing products.
The members by using Inventory module, can view stock information and also can update the information of a product. Stock information means the remaining quantity of product. This module helps member to enter the available quantity and reorder level of the product.
Users Overview
Our Shopping Cart Software directs the application of user overview wherein following features like New Customer's, Top 10 Customer's, Customer's World Wide & Customer's Seniority is analyzed in potent way.
Import / Export Features
The Admin can export the order details in AJ Shopping Cart V 1.0 . The Orders , Product details , Categories that are processed by customers will be listed for Admin. Admin can export the Order , Product details , Categories easily in four formats such as Excel, XML, CSV and Tab file.
Cancellation of Orders in the admin side
This setting is created in the admin panel of Sales & Order wherein you had to click the Order list for utilizing this feature. By this utility admin can easily sort out the unnecessary order placed by the user and then cancel the order for proper maintenance of stock status.
Volume Discount
Our Shopping Cart software includes Admin where he will create customer groups and based on which they will be provide discounts on products. The discount rates on products can be seen by the corresponding customers only after they login to their own account
Vendor Requisition
The users use this feature when they have certain products to be sold. They can send a requisition to the admin stating their name, E- Mail Id and contact number with product description. This is called Vendor requisition and can be used efficaciously.
Email /Print invoices or orders
Everyone liked to maintain the invoices as hard copy for future references, so in order to satisfy the members, the AJ Shopping Cart V 1.0 product offers new feature application as E-Mail / Print invoices or orders. The admin can take print out of invoices and maintain as hard copy.
Video Uploads for Products
With this feature the admin can very well select desired video and upload. For uploading you can use You tube for selecting apt video and then paste the necessary Embedded code for Video in your Add Product setting.
Wish list & My Account Features
Using My Account page, user can manage Account Information, Shopping Cart, Orders & Wishlist. When customer adds the products in the shopping cart, we have provided a new option of moving the products available in cart to wish list directly.
You can use the feature of shipping tracking in My order page of our Shopping cart solutions. If once an order is placed and shipped the admin can update it ,while the user can track it through his My Order feature with the help of Track Id. You can know the product status from shipping company.
Product Detail page Features
The product enlists feature like Video Upload , Add to Wish list ,Add to Cart, Add to Compare & Who brought this item. It also displays the list of products bought while purchasing a particular product.
Price Comparison
It is used to compare the price of the selected product. It will list out the price, availability of the selected product that is available in other sites. This comparison detail will be analyzed and received from pricerunner.com only if the user has the affiliate account in pricerunner.com. It improves the site traffic & helps to get referral commission. 
The Newsletters are stored in to the database and send newsletter to subscribed users. By this facility every users can get latest details about the product and plan his purchase according to the needs of customer's
Customer Groups
It has been provided the facility to group the customers. According to the group, the clients can offer them discounts on products on category basis to retain the customers. This makes clients to increase and retain the customers to your storefront.
Check Out & Payment Features
We have integrated new payment gateways like Paymate Express, Money Bookers, PSi Gate, StormPay, AlertPay, Your Pay, iTransact, BluePay and SafePay apart from already added payment gateways like PayPal, Google Checkout, World Pay, Authorize.Net and 2checkout. NoChex & ECU Money  are recently added .
Off line Payment Gateways
The Users and admin can greatly benefit from this facility since they lack without proper valid On line payment gateway accounts. With this utility like Bank deposit , Cheque Payment & Money Order member can easily pay out the transaction. It is also necessary for the Users to have proper member account.
Universal Currency Acceptance
For benefit of Global Clients this Shopping cart software enables & assign payment systems in any currency and use many real-time payment gateways.
Hosting Services
We do highly-advanced hosting services with easily affordable hosting plans & If interested, please contact our support team.
Application installation
You can use our paid installation service to install or upgrade ZeusCart on your web server which includes upgradation & data transfer from present version to the newer version.
The product can be easily customized & new features can be added. Feel free to contact for any advanced customizations.
    More Features
  • Convenient for customers
  • Complete storefront solution.
  • Full payment, order and inventory automation
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Multi-language and currency
  • Downloadable products 
  • Why you should select AJ Shopping Cart V 1.0 ?


  • Cogent Management of the Store , Inventory & Shipping
  • Efficacious Order , Billing & Order Tracking
  • Revenue earning Marketing Features like Coupons , Volume Discount, Price Comparison, Product Variation , Product & Price Comparison, Cross Selling etc..
  • Effective Newsletter Marketing Features
  • Value added Reporting Features
  • Informative Tax Related Features
  • Google Analytical reports in the Dashboards
  • Potent Control Panel Features
  • Prospective Import / Export Features
  • Choice of both On line & Off line Payment Gateways
  • Option of Email /Print invoices or orders
  • Video uploads for Products
  • Cancellation of Orders in the admin side
  • Expedient Stock Control Management

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