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AJ Email Marketer - The Best PHP Based Software

Comprehensive Contact management:
Now, add, view, import, export your contact lists with customized fields, grouping segments and even, suppress certain contacts from mailing. Literally, play with the contact management modules..
Multiple Auto-responder:
Create multiple back-to-back auto-responders with pre-defined schedules, added with fine-looking HTML contents and other sending options.
Split test Campaigns:
Now, tracking your best performing campaigns got easier. Split up your mailing list as defined groups/segments & send your different mail versions and track the best performing campaigns, easily.
Escalate your customer relationship:
With continuous email contacts with your current and prospective customers, turn them as your permanent customers and build a firm customer base.
Your product gets rapid Familiarity:
Obviously, Email marketing is the most rapid viral way to get your products to the massive public eye and gains more familiarity among Cyber-communities. 
What you gain with us!
A completely customizable E-mail marketing software saving your money & time, Building relationship, remotely manageable , expanding your customer base & enacting a new revenue source to your business..
Complete Campaign results @ a Glance:
Easily, know the summed-up campaign results with a graphical chart with results like sent mails, opened mails & bounced mails. 

Automated “Unsubscribe” links:
You can  set  your mail campaigns to  bear or not to bear the “Unsubscribe” link, While, AJ Mail marketer will follow your instructions, automatically.
View Bounced mails:
AView the list of Bounced mails with mail headers and handle them easily for resending purposes.
Personalized mail contents:
Create & send attractive HTML mails or simple text mails or just drop in your contents in our numerous professionally designed templates.
Create limitless custom fields:
Create fully customized contact fields and save extra information like address, nick names, last names, hobby, location, phone contacts for better customer relationships.
Suppress mail contact:
Instead of deleting the unwanted mail contact from the mailing list, you can suppress those mail contacts, which avoids further mailing to those mail id's.
Application installation
You can use our representative to install the software on your own hosting service or we will take care of everything.
Easy to customize & possibilities to add new features on request, according to your need.
    Get it started, Now!:
  • Get into our AJ Email marketer Demo!.
  • Drop in your Texts in the professionally designed E-mail templates & Create quality Email marketing messages.
  • You can send them immediately, or save it or schedule to have it sent later.
  • Track your mail traffic or best performing Email campaigns or even get the whole picture of your site with graphical statistics in the dashboard!
Top 5 reasons to choose AJ Email Marketer!:

High E-mail deliverable rate.

Track the email traffic at a single glance using the graphical chart in the dashboard!

Professionally designed email Templates, completely customizable on-demand.

Easy setting up & pay less attention for maintenance.

Blended with progressive features like auto-responders, Scheduled Email queuing & more!.


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Our products are designed to suit & support nearly every major AdSense revenue system, which sets the stage for easy profits on your website!

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Customer's understanding of our product is a top priority for us, so we deliver our products with extremely helpful product manuals, which provide help in many forms including HTML and PDF documents as well as video tutorials.

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Receive life-time technical support for our products through all means of communication.