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We have a strong capability in providing solutions to the vast field of education, minding the root needs of an educational institution and a needy client with the purpose of introducing initiatives in the field while improving teaching and learning opportunities. Our simple and innovative softwares with high para-metrics will widely suit the needs of

  • All kind of schools and colleges
  • Educational portals and E-learning sites
  • Big universities and higher educational institutions
  • Coaching institutes/tutorial institutions
  • Public & Private sector based massive educational institutions
  • Research institutes for students

We are capable of delivering

  • E-learning and optimizing solutions
  • Scientific/Arithmetic graphical teaching solutions
  • Financial/Accounting graphical tutoring applications
  • Learning and informations management solution
  • Presentation/Scientific animations
  • Automated information updation solutions

Solution by Industry

All our clients experiences the power & advantage of our comprehensive solutions. They, count on our expertise, which is being focused on ways, that would specialize our clients in their industry and gain more business reputation for them.

Solution by Business Type

Size does'nt matter, we think your business matters. That's why we offer solutions based on your business size, that can help you work more efficiently in a cost-effective manner and absolutely, designed to suit your business needs.


"AJSquare has done wonders for me.They have turned idea into a working reality.They have the best services I've experienced anywhere.I've been using these guys for over 4 years they just keep on amazing me with outstanding work and customer service.If you have a problem or have a question it will be answered in less than 5 hours.I don't know how they do it but they do.These guys ROCK!!!!!."

George Kaskanlian JR

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